This is Tony's DOC card

Department Of Justice Tony Bani record

Wisconsin Adult Cases For: Tony Alexander Bani

County County Date Filed Charge Description Case Outcome
1998CF000966 Brown 10-23-1998 Auto Theft Guilty
1998CF000967 Brown 10-23-1998 Escape Guilty
2000CF000987 Brown 10-18-2000 Police Chase / Elude Guilty
2001CF000050 Brown 01-18-2001 Auto Theft Guilty
2004CF000322 Winnebago 05-24-2004 Burglary Dismissed
2005CF000827 Winnebago 12-14-2005 Burglary Guilty
2005CM001458 Outagamie 09-01-2005 Theft Guilty
2005FO000520 Outagamie 03-02-2005 Theft Guilty
2006CF000852 Outagamie 10-13-2006 Escape Guilty
2006CM000179 Outagamie 01-19-2006 Battery Guilty
2006CM000850 Outagamie 05-01-2006 Obstructing Officer Guilty
2006CM002262 Outagamie 12-12-2006 Carry Consealed Weapon Guilty
2007CF000434 Outagamie 05-30-2007 Forgery Guilty
2007CF000682 Outagamie 08-15-2007 Bail Jumping Guilty
2007CF001028 Outagamie 12-10-2007 Escape Guilty
2007CM001711 Outagamie 10-04-2007 Graffiti Guilty

Total Number of Criminal Convictions To Date: 16

Total Number of Felony Convictions To Date: 9

Total Number of Unique Files With A Felony Conviction: 8

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