Brand Name and Domain Name Consulting

Although the dot-com bubble has been over for years, it has never been more true that the choice of domain names that a company makes can mean the difference between thousands or even millions of dollars. Establishing a lucrative and informative web-presence is made much easier by a domain name that follows certain parameters. We have 5 years of experience in the internet development field, and our experience can be profoundly valuable for companies.

We can help provide you with information on how to select a domain that will:

* be easily remembered by visitors
* convey a sense of professionalism and profitability
* allow you to avoid legal difficulties
* discourage hackers
* be compatible with your branding and marketing initiatives

Website Development

Some of our income comes from our complex system of advertising revenue, but we also develop domains. Previously we developed a number of websites including, which was acquired in 2005. Currently under development is, a website that provides tech sector information and products for the skyrocketing Organic LED industry.
We currently have mutually beneficial deals established with Inc., a company that is developing our valuable property.

Domain Name Registration and Webhosting

Contact us for great deals on registering domain names and webhosting packages. We are an authorized reseller for eNom, an industry leader in affordable domain name registration and hosting.

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